Template Case 1

This is a great style of website for someone who wants to put a static type website up that requires very little maintanance and acts as more of an Online Business Card for a Department and/or Unit that affiliates with UBC.  It has more of a formal touch to it than you will notice with the other template sites: Case 2 and Case 3.

Check out both of those sites as well to be able to make an informed decision regarding what closest matches the vision you have for your website and one of them will be more closely adaptable to fulfill what you want to do for your site and what you want your site to ultimately represent.

We hope that you find what you’re looking for and don’t forget to check out our WordPress Hosting Services page to get a better idea of the help we provide and the features that we will provide for you regardless of the template you choose.

Good luck and we hope that your vision matches ours and that together we can create the perfect website for you!